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Posted on 10-05-2016

Keep those Sunglasses Handy: Dangers of UV Exposure to Your Eyes  

As winter approaches here in the Lisle, IL, area, it's an ideal time for a reminder about UV exposure--and potential damage to your eyes. Although the sun provides necessary vitamin D and promotes health, there is a downside. Unprotected eyes are vulnerable to UV damage from the sun's powerful rays. Direct sun (and intense, reflected sunlight from bright surfaces and snow) can strain your eyes, cause headaches and eye watering, and put you in danger by preventing you from seeing clearly. Ultraviolet rays also do physical damage to your eyes over time, including:

  • Eye and/or eyelid cancer
  • Yellowed appearance of the eye
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration (UV exposure contributes to this age-related, potentially blinding condition)
  • Keratitis (corneal sunburn)

How to Avoid Damaging Your Eyes in the Sun -- Expert Advice from Your Lisle Optometrist

  • Don't put those sunglasses away just because cold weather is coming. If sunglasses are not adequate, wear a brimmed hat if necessary.
  • If you plan to go skiing, or spend time outdoors in the snow, proper eye protection is even more crucial.
  • If you need prescription sunglasses, or would just like to check your eye health and avoid UV damage, visit your local optometrist.
  • An annual eye exam for all ages is recommended, even if your eyesight seems fine. Comprehensive eye exams protect your eye health and can catch any impending problems, including sun damage, early,
  • Remember to wear your sunglasses, even with your contact lenses in, because lenses don't cover the whole eye surface and cannot protect the entire eye from sun damage.

At Choice Eye Care, our optometrist and optometry staff are dedicated to whole family eye health here in the Lisle community. An annual eye exam ensures that you see the world clearly and avoid UV eye damage. We provide care/management of glaucoma and cataracts, prescription sunglasses and contact lens fitting. We also handle emergencies. Please call your Lisle, IL, optometrist today at 630-969-2020.

Are you properly protecting your eyes from the sun -- or just squinting uncomfortably and hoping for the best?

THIS ---->https://choiceeyecare.imatrixbase.com/blog/b_72717_keep_those_sunglasses_handy_dangers_of_uv_exposure_to_your_eyes.html

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